This disclaimer is directed to all clients and customers of Rosabon Financial Services (Old, New and Prospective)

No application fee is attached to all financial products (Loan, Lease and Treasury) offered by Rosabon Financial Services.

Rosabon Financial Services does not authorize any external agent to distribute and collect application forms on behalf of the company.

It has been discovered that there are individuals claiming to be agents/representatives of Rosabon Financial Services offering loans and leases to members of the public at a cost, please beware.

To apply for our products, walk into any of our branches/annexes or have the application forms sent to you through our dispatch service, while a staff follows up with you thereafter.

No Loan or Lease repayment should be made into any agent's personal account whether affiliated to Rosabon Financial Services or not. All Payments should be made directly to Rosabon Financial Services to any of the company's account details which would be given to you upon application.

At no point would Rosabon Financial Services call, text or send you a mail to provide very sensitive information such as Bank Verification Number-BVN, Debit/Credit Card Number or Password in order to update your existing records.

To confirm the authenticity of any communication from Rosabon Financial Services, please contact us directly on +2348150880038 , +2348150880039, send us an email at [email protected] or visit our website www.rosabon-finance.com to chat with our customer service representatives.

Please note that all Rosabon Financial Services communication materials shall include our logo, information on our financial products, interest rates (optional) and contact information.


Though Rosabon Financial Services carries out promotions periodically to reward and appreciate its customers; the organization will never enter you into a promotion such as a contest or giveaway without your knowledge and consent.

If you emerge a winner in any of our promotions, Rosabon Financial Services will not charge you any fee for prize collection.