• Operating Lease - Officially kicked off our operating lease business in 2013 and won two major big-ticket transactions in the same year i.e. Samsung and Oando
  • HR Portal - Introduced our world-class HR portal for talent acquisition management in 2013 as well (we now have over 45,000 registered candidates since the 2013 investment in HR portal)
  • Annex launch - Within 20 years we have been able to establish presence in 5 other states excluding Lagos namely:
      o Port-Harcourt - Established in 2000
      o Abuja Annex - Established in 2016
      o Warri Annex - Established in 2016
      o Edo Annex - Established in 2017
      o Kaduna Annex - established in 2018
  • Automations - In 2018 we successfully developed an enterprise resource planning system (ERPS) that integrates all our Software aka automation
  • Silver Jubilee (25 years) - We celebrated 25 years of existence in April of 2018 with a week-long celebration cutting across customers and staff.